Descriptive Essay On Alaska

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Alaska, the last frontier, houses many of the only places in the United States that have not been explored by humans. Alaska provides the ecosystem for loads of life that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The biggest glacier in North America, the Hubbard Glacier, the lush forests that range over the hills, and mountain ranges that stretch for hundreds of miles draws thousands of tourists from many counties come see Alaska. Many of Alaskan forests are in danger due to illegal logging and mining for natural resources. This disappoints me because most people will likely never be able to experience the beauty of Alaskan wilderness due to global warming and climate change. I remember when I went on an Alaska cruise. I went on the vacation…show more content…
It started with an ATV ride up to the top of a mountain then zip lined down. My sister drove our ATV and we almost crashed a few times. The zip line was the longest zip line in North America and lasted about a minute. During the first 20 seconds of the zip line, we dropped at a near free fall and my mom and both my sisters screamed their heads off. I felt scared right before I went because I knew it started by removing the floor from under you but I eventually started to enjoy the beautiful view of the trees and the ocean. My dad could not go down with us because unfortunately there were only four lines that went at one time. I enjoyed this excursion very much and would do it again if I had the opportunity. My cousin and I compete with each other constantly. We competed with each other in many sports during the week at sea. We enjoyed playing basketball as well as mini golf. My family participated in scavenger hunts many times. We had to split into two groups because we had so many people. This formed a friendly competition to see which team reigned supreme. One scavenger hunt required that we run around the ship taking pictures of different locations. When we got our challenge we ran off in all different directions to try to find all the hidden locations. We ended up losing to the other group by two
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