Descriptive Essay On Amazing Haiti

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Amazing Haiti
In our armchair travels we have been exploring the Central American countries and now we take a hop about some more Caribbean countries. Our first stop is Haiti a country that shares the Hispaniola Island with the Dominican Republic to its east. Even though, it is still recovering from the 2010 earthquake there are many places to explore and things to see.

The Capital Port-au-Prince

Port-au-Prince the capital of Haiti is located on the Gulf of Gonave. All about the city you can see colorful gingerbread-style houses from the turn of the 19th century.

Grand Rue Artists is where you can see amazing artwork. Artists have found a place among junkyards and body shops where they take scraps and found objects and turn them into works
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Visitors can see boutique galleries and many souvenir emporiums. The town also has a pretty municipal beach and promenade with palm trees and seafood grilling.

Close-by is the Bassin Bleu. This cataract is part of the Petite Riviere that runs through the southern mountains. A few tour groups go each day to see glimmering plunge pools and little grottos and caves. It is enjoyable to swim in the midst of the tropical jungle with ferns and orchids.

Saut-d’Eau is known for its natural beauty and for its religious significance. These falls come flowing down in two mighty streams through lush tropical greenery. It is held in high esteem by local Voodooists and by Catholics who come to them in a mass pilgrimage each July.

Visitors are in awe of the colossal Massif de la Selle, where the legendary Furcy Forest can be found. It cascades down the ridges and peaks that rise over 2,500 meters above the Caribbean Sea. It is famed for its pine forests, wooded trails and breathtaking views.

Pic la Selle is the highest point in Haiti’s Chaine de la Selle and is one of the highest in the entire Caribbean region. It towers over all, close to the border with the Dominican Republic. There are many accessible tracks and trekking
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