Descriptive Essay On An Abandoned House

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One afternoon after school my friends and I decided to study. Once we got bored of studying we went outside and took a walk around my neighborhood. There was an old abandoned house that I was always to scared to go in alone.I asked my friends if they wanted to go in and see what was in there. I opened the door to see if it was locked, it wasn’t, it creaked open like it hadn’t been open in years. They made me walk in first since it was my idea. All the lights were off, the electricity must have been turned off years ago. It was light outside so we could still see the huge blue and black themed living room as soon as we walked in. The living room 's wallpaper was very dusty, it had some kind of dirt on it, and it was chipped badly. This place was starting to freak us out more and more and we were only in the first room. The furniture was old and falling apart. We all split up into groups just in case anything happens. Brooke and I explore the house together while angel and peyton did the same. Eventually it became really dark outside and with no power it was hard to see inside the house. So we all decided to meet back upstairs, except angel because she was downstairs looking for some light. The problem was we couldn 't find her because it was dark and the house was humongous. All of us were upstairs together looking for Angel. All of a sudden we heard a scream! We all ran downstairs and there we saw something crazy. Angel was golding she had found while looking for a light.

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