Descriptive Essay On An Apple Tree

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MY EARLIEST MEMORY I once lay below an apple tree. I set my eyes on a swarm of sting insects, looking as though they'd just took a bath in black and yellow paint. One crouched and shifted itself into a turtle position the bone of the apple replacing a shell ice printed my eyes shut and felt my lids tense up. Just eddie my nerves I hoisted my short arms, released my tense lids and stared at the beady hazel circles before me. I inspected every detail of the still creature, as his bristly texture tickled my nose. He had a button nose, curved just like a pear, am slightly shorter than me, and upright feet with flecks of brown lines drawn halfway down the soles. I stared back up at his beady hazel circles, and thought about how awful it must be to be unable to speak. There wasn’t a scrap of hope in my heart that allowed me to ever believe he could describe himself to me.…show more content…
I was baffled as to why there were no other numbers apart from the number one. How on earth can you complete the sum without another number? As my growing conscience asked this question again and again and again, I took a quick peep to the oblong apple, and to my surprise, the sting insects flew into the coming horizon with satisfaction and zest. My mother gazed at the horizon with a gleam reflection across her face, which looked as if it had been gridded out on paper to draw. Each section was getting darker, as I observed her face as if I was in a trance. Wherever it went, I wrm6, and I could see her notice me from the corner of the upper grid. She bestowed to me a loving, amiable smile. I adored her smile. Mother's smile looked like an upside down semi-circle, and her sleepy eyes twitched as though they were butterfly wings, ready to be set
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