Descriptive Essay On Antarctica

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One of my first memories is sitting around the fire listening to my grandpa tell stories about the war. My grandpa spent most of his childhood hopping between military bases all over the world with his dad and three older brothers. One place in particular that my grandpa had told me about was a place steeped in blood and war. His stories are so vividly stuck inside my head all the violence, gore, and loss. Along with war and violence his stories also consist of places where the strangest things happen. Like people going missing without a trace, strange military experiments, magnetic interference, people with psychic powers, and even evil beings. While these are my favorite stories, some of the coolest stories are about him going on his antarctic deep sea dives. All the mysterious creatures and beautiful scenery. The name of this amazing place is ANTARCTICA! I would like to visit Antarctica to see the historic landmarks of the penguin war, the town at the center of the strange things, and also to go sub zero diving. To begin with, I want to go to Antarctica to see all the landmarks of the penguin war which grandpa had fought in. While Antarctica’s rich history and amazing war landmarks are just stories that dance vividly in my head for me it is reason enough to visit. One Landmark I would like to visit is the battle of Snow Hill this story because I distinctly remember it was the first battle of the war. Another story I remember is the bloody battle of the snow
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