Descriptive Essay On Bahamas

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Ouch! My fingers are tingling and I can’t feel my arm. I hope that the pain will go away sometime soon. I have never felt anything like this before. I’ve never had this much pain. Am I injured? Will I ever be able to do gymnastics again. How am I going to last for the rest of the cruise? So many questions swarmed through my brain. I couldn’t bare that much longer. I had never been so worried.
Some of my closest family and friends and I are having the time of our life on a carnival cruise ship. Sadly, we just arrived at our last stop, Nassau Bahamas. I couldn’t wait to get to the big, warm beach. My dad said that the waves could go higher than 10 feet! That was pretty cool but it did me kind of worried. After doing some shopping and exploring
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Wow, my dad was right, these waves are HUGE. In the shallow part, it is very rough, but the deeper you go, the smoother it gets, which is why we decided to go out a little deeper to swim. “Wow! My dad was right, these waves are ginormous!” I yelled out to all of my friends. They are so big they touch the…show more content…
After the last few days of the cruise my dad and I took a trip to the doctors office. I was shaking when we got there. After the doctors took x-rays we sat and waited for the results. Time went by. After feeling like an hour had past the doctor had came back and told me the I had a fractured a bone in my upper right arm. We had figured out that I could have my arm moved by someone else but I can not use my own muscles. I had a feeling in my throat that made it harder to breath. I was so scared.
“ So do I have to get a cast?” I asked the doctor in a quiet voice.
“No, a cast won’t do anything, all you need is this sling so that your arm won’t have to carry any pressure. You can wear it whenever you want but it will take about eight months to heal,” the doctor told me in a professional voice while showing me a blue and white box with a sling inside of it.
I took a deep breath trying not to let the tears come. I can 't believe this. I can 't to gymnastics for another eight months? I was devastated. I couldn 't believe it. A broken arm? Wow, was all I could think. I thought that all I could do for a long time was just sit around and do nothing. But I was wrong I always had my family by my side, playing games with me (that I could do) and taking me to the pool. I also had my friends taht always made me laugh. So I realized that breaking my arm was not that bad
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