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A lot of people when they hear they hear the word dentist they get scared. This is because some people don’t like to go to any doctor because they are scared of needles. They are also afraid of the thought of getting their teeth pulled. It is astounding that a lot of people say that they don’t go to the dentist until there is something seriously wrong. Your teeth is the only bone in the body that is visible. It is important to take care of your teeth because once you lose your teeth it is gone. As I walk into the dental office I notice that there was a lot of rooms, and there was a television in each room. The atmosphere was harmonious and relaxing. Every one of the staff was very friendly. I found the dentist standing in front of one of the rooms. I could tell that was the dentist because he was wearing a white lab jacket, and holding a…show more content…
Doan decided to that she wanted to become a dental assistance because she likes to help people. She told me that it took her 2 year to become a dental assistance. She went to Belmont Abby College. She has been working in the dental field for about 20 years. She said that it she enjoy her job as a dental assistances. When I was in the dental office I got to see the different equipment’s that they had. One of the equipment was an autoclave. An autoclave is used to sanitize the medical equipment’s. Another equipment that I saw was Vizilite. Vitilite is an equipment that is used to detect oral cancer. I think that this just show how much we have advanced with technology. Overall, my experiences at the dental office was really good. Everyone there worked as a team to get things done. I heard and saw new medical terminologies that I did didn’t know about before. I appreciate be able to talk to Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Doan. I also appreciate having this experience because I got to see what it was like in a dental office. I believe that this experience has really show me the different views from a dentist and dental

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