Descriptive Essay On Being A Homeless

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I was starving, freezing and most importantly dying from exhaustion. Being homeless was not exactly a walk in the park; it had zero advantages. The multiple layers of neglected clothes I haunted through the years did nothing to shelter my body against the cold weather. My stomach growled desperately for food and fantasizing constantly about a huge yummy steak probably did not help. I did not only smell like poop from the lack of proper hygiene but I also looked like a live skeleton from the lack of food. Walking in the streets of the city with no rules after midnight was nothing new to me. I was always moving around, trying to find a suitably warm spot where no one would kick me out or shoo me away like a freaking dog. Feeling like I was about to pass out from the lack of, well everything, I needed to find a place to lay down, fast. I strolled the streets for what felt like eternity, to the point in which I could not stand the sight of the country’s flag anymore. Flags of equally horizontal bands of red, white and black with an eagle in the center were everywhere as there was another round of elections for a new president. I obviously did not give a rat’s butt about politics in this country because it simply never got me anywhere. I was a needy homeless 4 years ago, I am a needy homeless now and I will remain a needy homeless in four years, I thought. Folding my arms tightly with each hand under my armpits, I tried my best to warm my body. I was trying to keep myself
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