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Bewitched park

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This nasty season has plenty of mysteries
The year has plenty of good days, but the brightest season is autumn, and no one doubts it. Everything is colored in all possible shades of yellow, orange, red and green. Leaves start finding eternal peace on the ground, forming a natural puzzle that any abstract painter would die for. Those vivid piles attract children that like digging in them, though adults are often waking those kids that are sleeping inside of them and join this lively activity, throwing the leave into the air and laughing heartily. But this is only a little part of fun that you may have during this season.
Autumn has a second name: fall; and this is not only because of leaves on the ground. There are more clouds in the sky that make shadows cover the earth. They are gladly falling on the ground, turning every object that you have seen a thousand times before into something special and enigmatic. Our fast life doesn’t give us much time to discover all peculiarities of the world that surrounds us, but if you put away your work and pay attention to the autumn nature, you will be surprised at the amount of things you have missed.
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Someone can be gloomy because of dark clouds and cold drops that make them miserable. Others are fond of the enchanting music of rain tears and like dreaming in warm arms of beloved person. And the most interesting things happen after the nasty weather is finished. Every object is covered in transparent veil, and the roads and paths are turning into a wide river that reflects the surrounding. The colors on the ground seem to be even brighter then in reality, and this wet fairy-tale welcomes everyone, who decided to leave his or her house and set off in search of adventures and new impressions. Who knows what discoveries are waiting for you on autumn streets of your favorite
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