Descriptive Essay On Black Star Canyon

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Nature is invisible while growing up in a city. People tend to forget how beautiful the world can be. Black Star Canyon, located in Orange County it is a six-point eight-mile trail filled with rocky mountains. Flowers are blooming, showing their true beauty. Birds are constantly chirping as if they were singing. Rivers are flowing with pure water leading to an eye capturing waterfall. Thousands of trees in all shapes and sizes from all directions can be seen. The trail is a family friendly place to explore. It brings a sense of feeling liberating and free from all the thoughts in your mind. Black Star Canyon consist of nature landscapes that are enjoyable and suits the eye.
First, as I reached the entrance, two people are walking past a tall man wearing all black with the biggest bear I have ever seen. He is standing next to the entrance like a mannequin guarding the entrance. Meanwhile, I look to my right and dozens of white cars are parked. A metal farm like gate which has a sign attached to it saying “ROAD CLOSED” prevent cars from getting beyond that point. Another sign has a cigarette with a big red circle and a diagonal red line indicating no smoking. On the right side of the gate there is a small entrance. If two grown adults were to walk side by side and try to enter it would not be possible. Below my feet the ground is covered with millions of tiny, hard, and light brownish rocks mixed with sand particles. Above my head the bright sun was hitting the surface of my

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