Descriptive Essay On California Museum

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It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and I decided it was the perfect day to see the California Museum. I had been here before, when I was in 4th grade. Everything that I remembered about the place was completely different. It looked modernized and appealable (or maybe it doesn’t look different but my perspective has changed from age 10.) A wonderful friendly security guard greeted me and prompted me to go to the shop to purchase the tickets. I was also greeted in a friendly manner and the tour guide gave me a map and a brief description of the different exhibits. I made my way to the first exhibit that caught my attention, the day of the dead. The first altar that I saw was one for Cesar Chavez. I was beautifully decorated with lots of grapes…show more content…
I was impressed by how much of a variety of different themes there were for women. One of the exhibits that I did not expect to see was the Barbie exhibit but it was interesting to find out that a woman created the famous Barbie. Another interesting fun fact is that the cookie company Mrs. Fields created the company when she was 20 years. She now dedicates her time in motivational speaking and inspires girls and women everywhere that when you set your mind to something, you can actually achieve it. Something that I never knew was the state symbol Minerva. She is Roman goddess that represents wisdom and justice and supports learning. Being California’s Great Seal, she symbolizes many great things including excellence in education, the arts, and creativity. What I enjoyed reading was all the different women athletes that I tend to not hear about. Among them is Tara, a professional snowboarder who holds five gold medals for the winter games, which is more than any other women. This says a lot about women in sports, there is a need for more representation. FloJo is a track Olympian who won three gold medals in Korea, which is incredible but it is the first time I have heard of this wonderful woman. There was also Kristi Yamaguchi a figure skater that won Olympic gold medals and Holly McPeak a beach volleyball Olympian. One thing I
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