Descriptive Essay On Camp Lutherhoma

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Hundreds of trees, hundreds of trees everywhere. A rushing river and the serene sound of birds chirping. That’s what Camp Lutherhoma is. Every year, midsummer, I go to camp. It is the one week where I feel completely free of all worry and stress. Every counselor I have ever had at Camp Lutherhoma I have had an affinity for. I grow so close to my counselor and the other girls in my cabin. While others might see this place as just a camp I see it as a home, a safe place. Camp Lutherhoma is a place where I have met countless amazing people and many exemplary friends. Everything there makes me happy. Everything from the exuberant camp songs to the soothing campfires. The enduring feeling of peace I get when we pull into the gravel parking area is overwhelming and I love it. One year at Camp Lutherhoma I had the blessing of having an amazing counselor by the name of Rando. One day my cabin was having a bible study. Rando said to us “I want to play a song for you guys”. The song was called “Deathbed” by Relient K. Rando pulled out her black wireless speaker from her full backpack and turned the song on. It started off slow with a soothing tune. When the man started to sing, the first line that flowed from the speakers was “This is my deathbed. I lie here alone. If I close my eyes tonight. I know I’ll…show more content…
Things such as the kindness of others, the power of God, and how to let my worries slip away from me. The song “Deathbed” has also shown me an abundant amount of things. Too many to list.Camp Lutherhoma makes me feel like I have a reason. It has shown me how to overcome all my troubles and just let go. There is no need to be stressed about the stupid little things such as a bad test grade or who you are taking to Fall Ball. You’re going to be okay. Everything will turn out great and fall into place. Camp Lutherhoma had taught me these important things. I couldn’t be happier with how Camp Lutherhoma has changed me for the
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