Descriptive Essay On Camp Nauvoo

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Camp Nauvoo at It’s Finest I only had my permit for a few weeks and I had to drive four and a half hours to get to my summer camp. I had to drive across three states and over two rivers When we got there, there wasn’t anybody else there. When the camp pastor finally got there he told us that the camp start had been pushed back two hours so we had to wait a while. Me and my cousin, Nicole, just sat in the lodge for a little while. People finally started to show up and we got started. We started with games to get to know each other, but we couldn’t hear the instructions. My friend’s dog POTUS was breathing so loud that it was hard to hear. We played the games and there were a lot of people who showed up, but my best friends hadn’t showed up yet. We started to eat dinner and my friend Cooper showed up. None of my…show more content…
There was a floating dock, canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats. The theme of the day was Hawaii so there were lots of flower necklaces called leis. I got 57 leis around my neck and head, and I even swam with them on. Max and I were on a canoe. We chased other people who were in canoes and paddle boats and splashed them with our paddles. After that we got about 20 people onto the dock. We all got to one corner and the dock would start to tip. I was at the very corner, so by the time everybody had to jump off I was waist deep in the water. We ate pulled pork sandwiches and had chips for dinner and then headed back to camp. When we got back that night the power was out. My cabin counselor knew some people in Nauvoo, and he got a generator from them. We had extension cords everywhere and everyone had their fans plugged in. Max was sleeping on the bunk above me and we were next to the window. When the power came on the lights outside all came on, so Max and I thought the girls were messing with us so we woke up and tried to find them. That was the last night at
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