Descriptive Essay On Capricornus

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My favorite constellation is Capricornus. It is one of the 12 signs from the Zodiac. Its name is actually Latin for 'The Goat '. The symbol for my constellation looks like a 'n ' with a twist at the end. It symbols a sea goat, a mythological animal. The constellation of the Capricornus looks a little bit like the face of a fox. The reason I 've chosen this constellation, is because my zodiac sign is Capricorn. I 'm was also always pretty curious about my zodiac sign, about its origin and what it meant, but I actually never looked it up. The Capricornus represents the goat-fish. Goat-fish have a body of a goat, and a tail of a fish. The Greek myth begins with the sea-goat Pricus. He was the king of the sea-goats, who were intelligent and…show more content…
They were also favored by the gods. Chronos, the Greek god of time, had created the immortal Pricus. Pricus ' children found their way to the shore, and became drawn to it. They used their front legs to push themselves up onto the beach and to relax in the sun. How longer the goats stayed in the sun the more they turned into 'regular ' goats. They lost their tail and their ability to think and speak. Pricus wanted to prevent that his children turned into creatures who couldn 't return into the sea. I forgot to mention that because of that Chronos created Pricus, he also had the ability to reverse time, like his creator. When Pricus lost several children to the land, he decided to use his power to reverse time. All the (some are still sea-)goats were reverted back in time to when then they didn 't knew about the shore, and Pricus forbid them to ever set a foot onto the shore.…show more content…
A very long time ago, even before we human existed, were some fish, not some fish, they were goat-fish, peacefully swimming in the sea. It was very weird, seeing those beautiful half goat, half fish creatures move. Goat-fish loved to swim. On one day the baby goat-fish asked his mom: 'mommy, what is up there? ', and he pointed up. She responded: 'i don 't know, mini, but don 't think about it, we have a good life now, here under water. Why would you want to ruin that, and go up and face whatever kind of danger over there is? ' The baby goat-fish thought about it. He would really want to see what is up there. Maybe, he thought by himself, I 'll go up there one day. Years and years passed by and the now grown-up goat-fish still thought about what is above the surface. One day he said his mother, father and baby brother goodbye and just swam up and up and up. Until he reached the surface. He was exited for what he could see. He stuck his head above the water and breathed in all the air. He loved it above the water, it was so beautiful! He swam back to his parents and brother and begged them to come up with him. After a long time nagging and begging they would come up with him. The goat-fish never seemed so happy, he wanted to show that beauty from above with his family. When they swam up and reached the surface they held each others hoof. But it wasn 't as beautiful as the goat-fish said. It was quite horrible, it was raining fire and meteors! They all looked
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