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Las Vegas is one of the most important tourist destinations all over the world, attracting almost everyone, families with children, players, foreign and national tourists, among others. The answer to what to see in Las Vegas can be quite different depending on who answers the question. For instance, numerous people would say there is not much to do in Las Vegas except for gambling, while others believe every corner of the city is worth admiring. According to several sources, Las Vegas is a city full of attractions, and contrary to what numerous people may think, Las Vegas does not only involves luxurious casinos and hotels, but museums, animals exhibitions, fountains, or volcanoes as well. Next, we are offering you some information related the touristic spots of this wonderfull city.

Touristic spots in Las Vegas

The Strip
We begin by one of the most important areas of the city, Las Vegas Strip. As several specialized publications report, this is a zone (about 7 Km) located in Las Vegas Boulevard, that is well known by the high concentration of resort properties, casinos, and hotels. In the Strip there are located 15 hotels included among the 25 largest around world. Furthermore, it is one of the most visited and photographed avenues’, considering it is a 24 hours living area, counting with the most famous hotels and casinos in the world.

In addition to luxurious hotels, you will also find a unique atmosphere in the Strip. Most part of the day hotels offer shows; for

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