Descriptive Essay On Chicago

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Chicago played the final game against Cleveland it was the 10th inning and the cubs need 3 more outs to win. Cleveland hits the ball the cubs catch the ball throw it to second base then first. The Chicago cubs beats the Cleveland indians 8-7, it has been 108 years since they won in 1908. In Chicago at Wrigley Field everybody went crazy they all were jumping, screaming, and crying that day because Chicago made history. The people in chicago had a parade on that friday to celebrate the champions on 2016 world series. They have a lot of bandwagon now like lebron james. Tons of people had crazy bets that they lost and posted it on social media. They sold so many cubs t shirts, jersey, and posters that made them get a lot of profit. For nosebleed seats at the stadium was $2,000. IN south chicago they shot guns and…show more content…
I saw so many posts on facebook about the cubs winning and saying they were the fans since day one i started laughing because i knew most of them are lies. My favorite team is the white sox but i was rooting for the cubs because there the other chicago team. I will admit that they had a good roster and good plays this season they played as hard as they can and won. What inspired me was that they never quit when it seemed like they were going to lose. David Ross last game was on November 2 and retired like a champion, it was a good way to leave the MLB that night. They are selling World series hats from $30-$80 at the mall, posters at Toys R us for $10. They started to play the cubs song that night on my street for 20 minutes straight. My favorite game was Cubs vs Dodgers, Chicago won by 8-4. Chicago Cubs fans finally get to see them win the world series in 2016. Next season will be crazy if the white sox win world
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