Personal Narrative: Choosing Worlds

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“Choosing Worlds”

We are born into a world where we do not know a lot of things and become very curious about our surroundings. We are all chosen to live because of important reasons and as toddlers we obviously do not know much and living in a certain area all of our lives we do not really see what is in other different environments, because of this we do not know any much better. My family, friends and I grew up in a place where it could be toxic and unhealthy both affecting us mentally and physically. I have always thought of things differently and hopefully I can cause a change in the conditions from we live in.
When I was first born I was introduced into a bright light without even knowing what it was, this is a life that has been given
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My family decided to go out on a windy cold day and of course I did not know why they wanted to go but I tagged along and went with them anyways. As soon as I got there I felt an overwhelm of how beautiful this place was and almost even seemed therapeutic. No one seemed to be as interested into what I was seeing as I was. “We should all leave now” said the adults, “No let us stay longer” I begged. There were tons of other things that I could really interested in but nature really stuck in my interest as well as the different types of sounds in music. Everyone else seemed to be interested in other things but I could never understand at the moment why they were not like me, but I realized even as a toddler that it was okay to be creative and different. I kept being creative as I became older and grew up, but I also felt that people around me were trying to tell me that being creative is something that I should take serious and that I should find something else that I should put my time…show more content…
This was not an easy day for any of us and I was not mentally stable enough to make a choice from this change. Everyone seemed to be arguing, people were yelled at back and forth, different thoughts were debated as if one side was right and right in the moment I decided to leave that environment. I do not know if it was the best for me to do but I could not be there anymore and isolated myself but other managed to find me. “What’s the matter ? Why did you leave?” asked my cousin. I sat there with no answer back wondering why he would ask me that question. My cousin then proceeded to ask me the same question over and over again and I answered in anger. My cousin then was in shock which I did not really understand why. It turns out every loved one where discussing where they should all live together, because it would be hard if we went our separate

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