Rainforest In Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Running as fast as I can branches and vines cutting me up, my heart pounding as I jump over a old log, as I hear my hunter in the distance getting closer with every breath. These areas are known as no man’s land, they are very grueling to the environment. The air feels thick and humid, with a dash of sweet nectar from the trees. Costa Rica as huge rainforest that has small areas that have never been mapped or documented. We know very few animals and plants but know the weather and its patterns. Costa Rica is near the equator so it get very blistering, and is about ⅙ of the size of the amazon rainforest. There is lots of vegetation in the rainforest same with animal life, some of which we have heard but never seen. This extreme location…show more content…
A few animals that have change in order to survive are the bull shark, the igloo viper, poison dart frog, and the red bore, according to “Costa Rica Animals”. “The Bull Shark and its Fresh Out Come” states that the bull shark had the most changes in itself in order to survive, the bull shark changed itself so it can breathe in salt and freshwater. This a huge change “according to “Freshwater biologist Smith Angel”(Costa rica and its changing habitat) says freshwater biologist Smith Angel. Because the bull shark change its lungs and cells in order to breathe oxygen from both fresh and saltwater. The Bull shark will most often go into freshwater or a river in to breed and raise its pups, “The Bull Shark will going into Fresh water only for breeding, which includes raising its pups witch is down by the mother” (Costa rica and its changing habitat) says freshwater biologist Smith Angel. The bull shark is out many animals world wide that have change in order to…show more content…
One tribe is the Truma tribe and are one of the strongest and oldest tribes around. The village leader or chief Takua Maokera knows many tricks from getting food and water to defending themselves from animals and rival tribes. “Takua Maokera knows many ways or different ways how to do something in the forest, some of these are very clever and have proven to work in many situations.” (According to Doctor Andrews) who works with almost all the natives in illness and sickness, (Native tribes in Costa Rica fun facts.com). The natives affect their environment by being predators in the habitat and keeping the animal population at a steady rate. They also tell rangers which animals or plants need help or are over hunted or have a to big of a population, (According to Ranger Captain; Hadden Orslen), (Native tribes in Costa Rica fun facts.com). The natives have adapted to the forest by using there tricks and clever minds to think through a problem. They use animal skins as clothes because they keep in warm and are very easy to go get more if needed, this coming from Ranger Captain; Hadden Orslen), (Native tribes in Costa Rica fun

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