Descriptive Essay On Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo: The Man behind the name “Cristiano Ronaldo”, the host of the 2013 Fifa Ballon d’Or announces the world’s best football player. He receives a standing ovation from the crowd as he went onto the stage to receive the award for the second time. With over 100 million likes on Facebook, many of them in Asia, he is a worldwide phenomenon undoubtedly. Hundreds of millions around the world love him. Real Madrid fans, Manchester United fans, football fans, other athletes and of course, girls in Hong Kong – idolize this man. Many girls watch football only to see him play. Of course, there are boys too. But behind the scenes, not everybody knows how much hardship he had gone through for football. “Football is my life, my great passion, my pleasure.” In his autobiography Moments, Ronaldo says he cannot imagine his life without football. He sees a culture of success and witnesses the companionship that binds together with a group of other winners that have the same thirst for improvement. Thus, he makes his way into the gym and sees a vision beyond the dumbbells and machines. “I tried to impress the coaches by going to my first training an hour early, but I saw Ronaldo was training by himself already”, new teammate James Rodriguez said. It was no surprise that he is known as a workaholic. Other teammates echoed “He is the first to train and the last to leave”, “He has no day offs, he trains everyday". He is the perfect example of how work ethic can ignite

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