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Is what Cupcakke’s DJ, or whoever was playing her music during her performance, said before teasing us with 30 more minutes of random mash ups of overplayed club music. Even before this, the audience and I were tormented with disastrous performers that could have easily killed the few brain cells that I have left. This made me thirsty for the actual performance that I had initially came for. As expected, the chicago based artist made the wait worthwhile. Known for her raunchy lyrics about sex and masturbation, Elizabeth Harris is Cupcakke’s real name. Inspired by artists like Khia and Lil Kim, Cupcakke is the sultry and eroticness of this generation; it is embodied in the lyrics, “[...] To make my thighs shake like Jell-O, I need a dick longer…show more content…
My friend and I got there three hours ahead of time because we wanted good spots to see the performance. Upon arrival, we were forced to wait outside the venue to get in. I was surprised to see a line a that stretched from the entrance to the side of the building, I didn’t know there were that many slurpers (Cupcakke’s fans). Once we got through the security guards, we found ourselves on a dancefloor where we would wait for what felt like forever for the actual performance to actually start. The audience looked like mostly gay males varying from my age to early 20s, and a few high schoolers of both genders. Everyone seemed to be dressed in a sort of similar way, almost club-like outfits with a hint of rave/steam punk…show more content…
“Finally,” I thought but I was still forced to wait just a little more because according to the DJ, “She’s got a couple more dicks to suck” so we listened to remixes of typical club songs like, “Plain Jane” “Bartier Cardi” “Did It On Em” which, again, would have been more fun with a few drinks. I knew the wait was over when the DJ asked us to make noise for Cupcakke. After almost losing my voice screaming for the main act, the prurient queen finally appeared. Once on stage, the iconic sex symbol first thanked her fans for waiting for her, which I greatly appreciated because she must have heard the nonsense we were put through. Cupcakke wore a red wig with dark roots, a red lip, paired with a striped dress and white gladiator boots. The look alone was very simple but very her, and eye catching. Her stage presence was phenomenal, truly captivating me and the crowd without even beginning her performance. To begin her performance, she began with “Vagina”. Everyone seemed to know the lyrics, and we all screamed along to the lyrics especially whenever she said, “wet”. After each performance, she would ask the audience what they wanted to hear and really interacted with the

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