Descriptive Essay On Cycling

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Cycling is packed with adventure, skill, speed, daring, quick thinking and sometimes teamwork to make it one of the best recreational sports in the modern world. Whether younger or older, smaller or bigger, weaker or stronger, cycling is a sport for everyone. A bicycle can ridden by children on the street, aggressive riders on the mountains, or people who enjoy a more steady speed on the road. No matter what kind, the average bicycle consists of a frame, two wheels with tires, brakes, pedals, and a chain, fork, seat and handlebars; some components are upgraded or changed depending on the kind of bike and riding one is doing. The aggressive rider 's morning would often be spent riding with some friends and finishing up with a beer, much like the scenario pictured below.
Waking up early in the morning the group gets dressed into their padded shorts, clip less shoes, helmets, gloves and moisture wicking shirts before strapping on their hydro packs, emergency kits, and snacks. The bicycles had been checked the night before for flats and damages, the only thing left to do was ride. The unanimous “go” hears the clicks of the shoes into pedals before the crunch of the gravel. The air was cool, yet fresh and moist, giving the riders extra oxygen as they start toward the trailhead. They drop in one at a time giving each other enough room for error on the technical, rocky single-track. As their speed approached 30 km/h their eyes stay focused on the trail ahead seeing every move they

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