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Deerfield Beach, Florida is one of several cities that is attractive to vacationers who head to Florida. One of the highlights of this city, is the beach which bears the same name. This beach has everything anyone could ask for.

Deerfield Beach is situated within Broward County, Florida. It is located slightly south of of the Palm Beach County line. It is considered to be part of the greater Miami metropolitan area.

A certified “Blue Wave” Beach
The beach at Deerfield Beach was awarded with “Blue Wave” status from the Clean Beach Council. This distinction indicates that the beach has met specific criteria for excellent water quality, beach conditions, safety services, public information, and habitat conservation.

One of the most important aspects of any beach is safety. At Deerfield Beach, this issue is taken quite seriously. In just one mile of
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If you like to swim, the water conditions are ideal for it. If you crave some more exciting water sports, this beach is also a great location to engage in bodyboarding, surfing, snorkeling, and…show more content…
If getting married in an idyllic location on a sunny afternoon or during a romantic sunset, this location can be perfect for you. The beach has two separate spaces that can be rented for wedding ceremonies. One location is the 9th Street Boardwalk, which is on the beach that is located north of the Embassy Suites at the intersection of SE 9th Street and SE 21st Avenue. The other, the 10th Street Boardwalk, is nearby, but on the beach that is south of the same hotel, and at the intersection of SE 10th Street and SE 21st Avenue. Rental of either location will require the marrying couple to fill out an application and pay a small rental

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