Narrative Essay On Disney Cruise

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Disney Cruise 3 months ago I can’t believe we won the lottery and won 1 million dollars. My parents told us that we were going to go on a trip but we don’t think that we are actually going to go on a trip anywhere. It was still super exciting to win the lottery and all of that money. At dinner we our parents tell us we are going on a trip. We ask where but they say it is going to be a surprise. Later me and my sister try to guess where we are going to go. We guess a lot of different places but are still unsure of where we are going. A week later are parents say we are driving to Florida to go somewhere in a week. We can’t wait to go so we pack our bags right away. After a long week of waiting we finally get in the car and drive to Florida. It was a long trip in the car but we finally…show more content…
The hotel room was surprisingly big so we had a lot of room to relax. The entire time we were in the hotel we slept because we did not sleep much before so we slept pretty much til the morning. When we woke up someone told us that the cruise will be held back a day because there was a huge storm and the people on the cruise are checking the boat to make sure it was not damaged. Later we heard that the cruise was fine. When we got on the cruise it was so big and amazing. We had no idea it was this cool inside and that was just where you entered. There was also lots of places to eat and lots of fun things to do. When we got up to the place we were we were going to stay we set all of our stuff down and our parents took us swimming. It was so much fun there was a water slide and everything. Afterwards we went back to our hotel room and had dinner at the Enchanted Garden. After we ate we got ready for the night time show. The night time show was so much fun. We went back up to our hotel room and got ready for bed. I’m so glad that the cruise was not damaged. I can’t wait to see what we will do
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