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Downtown Durant is a charming place that showcases some of the oldest and newest businesses in town. When I had the chance to walk around, I got to observe how Durant has gradually been building up since its’ beginning in the late 1800s. Durant has accumulated a unique history, which I had a chance to learn firsthand by some local business owners and by observing and doing my own research. My group started our adventure on the east end of Main Street. We started the walk on a lesser known road called Lost Street and we got to see the backs of some of the shops facing Main. Since the backs of buildings are not usually kept as nice as the entrances, I had the opportunity to notice how old the buildings really were. One of the most noticeable icon that made the buildings feel old was a faded advertisement that was painted on…show more content…
The court house building was old but still pretty. There were war memorials around the courthouse listing the names of service men and women from Durant starting from World War I. In comparison city hall was a lot plainer, but the monument for the world’s largest peanut, dedicated to the local peanut farmers, was on the lawn. I was surprised to read that there was a time capsule in front of the memorial to be opened in 2023. Apparently it is filled with historical and legal documents. The last shop we went in to became one of the most interesting and surprising stops. Tucked between some run down shops was a music store called “Welborn Music”. Surprisingly, the store has a history that goes back a hundred years, and has seen four name changes and a location change. One of the owners of the store, Larry Welborn, played bass for Buddy Holly in the 1950s. Larry had received a golden record, which was presented by Paul McCartney. Larry said that he has seen a lot of interesting people in his shop. He said he has seen many Europeans and Blake Shelton would come to the shop when he was

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