Descriptive Essay On Driving

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To start Before we begin I’d just like to add in that, like all creative processes, I view this as the staring block, I am always open for discussion so that we have time to fine tune it and get it to a place where it works for you and production. Story Our scene begins with our cyclist, an attractive, active looking guy in his early forties. He 's cycling along with what looks like a younger nephew or work colleague. They 're riding quite closely together in a really green and lush park. It feels leisurely, like a Saturday afternoon with people walking their dogs, maybe a few children. The sun is shiny and everything feels busy and vibrant. The scene is full of movement. AVO - Working hard... We cut to a close up of his feet peddling, the scuff marks of the terrain on his tyres and trainers. He looks like a pro. AVO - to lower you bad cholesterol, or LDL. We go to wide to reveal a that he has ridden his bike right into a bike stand. The tone suddenly changes. Everything is slow-mo 'ed to a weird and confusing halt He 's completely stationary. Upright, and stuck with mix of confusion and absolute bewilderment subtly washing across his face. He has no idea what is going on. His eyes almost comically start to flick at a normal speed in comparison to the snail pace of his body. What’s going on? Everything else around him continues to move. Tree 's move, dog 's run, even the old couple strolling hand in hand seem to be moving rapidly compared to his painfully slow

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