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Have you ever been to a restaurant where the waiters wear sombreros?If you haven't then El Tipico would be your perfect fit and if you're ever craving mexican food, El tipico in Skokie is a restaurant with a affordable price and great food for you and the family.It's a wonderful place to have nice dining and fine food. In my opinion El Tipico is an amazing restaurant and the atmosphere and decor is relaxing and welcoming. The cleanliness of this restaurant is average once in a blue moon the cup might be dirty but most likely you will have clean service. Along with the bathrooms they are pretty clean compared to most restaurants the bathroom smells nice it does not displease me there's always soap, toilet paper all the basic necessities of a bathroom, but to include there's toilet sheets to put on the toilet. The decoration of the…show more content…
I have to say the decor is impressive.The wait is never long usually you…show more content…
The food, the food is amazing. They serve breakfast with 13 items, and lunch and dinner with 60 items and also, they have a seafood menu with 21 items also with the special menu with 5 items with a total of 99 items on the menu but not including dessert either.On the dessert menu there is fried ice cream, lava cake, and i'm not sure what else but there's probably more.For the appetizers they have nachos and many more i only order the nachos and there amazing,on there soup salad menu they have 2 soups 2 salads so four all together for something light before the main dish.One main dish is the tacos i had chicken and in them there is any meat of your choice, cheese,tomatoes,lettuce olives guamomole and last sour cream (if you do not want all these you may take them off) .to also include there's also a bar for the adults to have wine and beer practically

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