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Let the Greek Ancient History Unfold In Front Of You In Epidavros
Located just two hours from the Greek capital, Athens, the Ancient Theater of Epidavros is the most exquisite ancient theater in the World being a World Heritage Monument. It dates back to the 4th century BC, a golden Age for Greek arts and culture but was only discovered in 1881 since it was buried under the soil! From that time, it has become a great attraction for people who want to witness part of Greece's ancient history and admire this greatly preserved vast monument that seats up to 14,000 spectators! Beautifully situated at the village of Epidavros, it combines nature and mountain views with relaxing beaches and traditional walks by the sea along with local cuisine. Only two hours drive are enough to travel you back to the centuries! Do not
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The plays in Greek language have English hypertitles and the plays in English have Greek hypertitles. So the festival is open to International audience as well.

Epidauros: Α unique center of culture, art and Greek Spirituality
What would you say for a weekend discovering ancient Greek culture, diving into the Greek beaches and staying in the beautiful nature? Epidavros is the place to be! Combining nature with one of the most important ancient monuments, it is the ideal place to spend a weekend in case you are visiting Athens. rent a car or book your seat in a guided tour, pack your tent and let yourself travel back in the times of Aristophanes, Platon and Evripides.

Athens&Epidavros Festival will help you have a better perspective of the ancient culture as you can choose from a variety of theatrical plays during the months of July-August every year. Say yes to the perfect weekend!
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