Descriptive Essay On Finding Better Places

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Finding Better Places The turbulent thunderstorm outside crashes down heavily upon the sleepy city. As soft pitter-patters of raindrops slide down the glass window, Ethan cups his cheeks as he observes passersby in bulky coats seek shelter from the tempestuous rain. The gloomy weather outside the serene café weighs down on his heart as tears roll down his face. Ethan wipes furiously at his eyes, sorrow evident on his face. “They’re gone. Just deal with it, Ethan,” he mutters under his breath. It’s been three months since his parents died in a car accident. Three months since he last wrote a single word in his novel. For three months he hasn’t done anything but sit around and mope. Acknowledging the cold cup of tea and the blank Word page in front of him, he snaps out of his pity party. Just then, a waiter approaches. “Excuse me, sir. Its closing time,” the waiter says politely. “Yes, I was just about to leave,” Ethan replies with a forced smile as he looks around at the deserted café. Packing his things, he heads home in the ongoing storm. On his way home, Ethan thinks about a number of things – his parents, his unfinished novel, where he’s going to find a job, and how he’s going to pay his rent. While he is lost in his thoughts, he bumps into someone, but he carelessly throws them a hasty apology and hurries back home. However, the stranger he bumped into stands in the pouring rain, looking back at her little brother. The next day, Ethan returns to the quaint café

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