Descriptive Essay On Fishing

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It was a beautiful moonlit night on the water. The crickets were singing their song and you could hear the sound of light waves against the shore from a few passing boats in the distance. The warm night air made it pleasant and the smell of the lake filled the air as we fished. It was me and my partner Ethan fishing the Saturday night tournaments that we always fish when we can. It was peaceful just listening to the scream of our reels as we would make a long cast to the shore. I was at the front of the boat in my shorts, shoes, cut off sleeves and hat as usual and he was in the back wearing his true country boy style jeans, boots, hat, and a pinch of tobacco in his lip. Although we have fished these tournaments many times, this one was a little different. Our night started rough from the beginning. We got to the boat ramp at 6p.m. as usual. It was a warm sunny day and looked to be a great day for fishing. As we began loading and undoing all the straps on the boat we rushed about to get out of the way of other fishermen. I jumped in the boat and flagged for Ethan to back me in. As the boat hit the water I turned the key and the engine roared to life. I backed the boat off as Ethan pulled away. That’s when it dawned on me, WE HAD FORGOT THE PLUG. It was too late to back Ethan back in he had already pulled away down the ramp road to go park the truck. Knowing I only had a short time before the boat filled with water I gassed on it to the shore. Before the boat could

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