Descriptive Essay On Food

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Growing up from childhood to adulthood, cooking has become one of the most passionate thing I love doing at my leisure time. I don’t mind how exhausted I am, I would still get on my feet go to the kitchen and start cooking something. But there is this one particular food from West Africa eaten mainly in Ghana as part of our staple foods with many dishes, which I mostly prepare at home for use or for any African occasions. This food known as Kenkey; is a maize mixture that has been soaked in water and fermented. It is been served with any kind of sauce especially, hot sauce. Kenkey is really heavy and dense, which tastes like exceptionally sour dough bread. The traditional way of preparing Kenkey is as follows. To begin with the preparation of kenkey, these various ingredients that would be needed. Four cups of white stone ground cornmeal, salt to taste, and dry corn husks. After getting my ingredient ready, I would blend the white stone ground cornmeal to make it smoother using the dry powder blender. Then add some water to it, mixing it very well in a mixture form to turn into dough with a smooth surface, then cover it with a clean napkin and kept at a cool place to ferment. Fermentation takes about two to three days especially in cool climates. When the flour is well fermented, it should have a sour and unpleasant smell. Overly fermented corn flour would not taste right. Before using it for the preparation, the moldy surface on top of the fermentation dough

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