Descriptive Essay On Fortnite

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As I scream and dance to celebrate a win in Fortnite, I realize that it is much more than an Xbox game. Fortnite is a battle royale style game. The goal of the game is to find as much equipment as possible, and to be the last team standing. In terms of style, Fortnite is similar to The Hunger Games. All other players in the game have one similar goal: to win. The stakes are always high and tensions steadily rise. As less and less players remain in the game, anxiety and the appetite for victory surges upward. Players become lost in the game; it feels as if the virtual world is reality. While playing, nothing around matters, the only thought is the sweet taste of victory. Whether this goal is accomplished or not is solely in the hands of the player. In my personal experience with Fortnite, I have noticed…show more content…
There is a building element in Fortnite that has never been seen before. To build, it takes quick thinking and lightning fast finger movements across the controller. One small mistake could end in the loss of the game. Because of this, hand-eye coordination is essential. The player must also be able to think hastily in order the build the structure that gives the biggest advantage in the situation. As the game is played regularly, the player learns to adapt to the situations that arise. Aside from the actual gameplay, Fortnite is a cartoon style game. This means that the graphics are very mild and smooth. Because of this, Fortnite appeals to players of all ages. Younger players may not be allowed to play other popular games due to the gore and bitterness of the graphics. Fortnite eliminates that problem and allows parents to relax when their child is playing Xbox. In my opinion, these kinds of graphics are more appealing because they have much more of a fun and uplifting feel than the realistic war games. Overall, Fortnite is more appealing than any past or present Xbox
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