Descriptive Essay On Golden Retrievers

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The eyes of the Golden Retriever are quite impressive and the emotions of the dog are reflected in them. Looking into the eyes of this dog is like looking right into its soul. It uses its eyes to communicate its feelings to a human being. The eyes of this dog are capable of touching the hearts of almost everyone, whether he or she is a lover of dogs or not.
These expressive eyes are the main reason why these dogs are one of the much-loved dogs. This dog possesses medium to large sized doggy eyes. The colors of the eyes are of different hues of brown and ranges from light brown colors to much darker and denser hues of brown.
It also has beautiful ears that are smaller when these dogs are young. Younger golden Retrievers also have darker shades of color at the tips of their ears. This color indicates what hue of gold color the dog will grow up to possess. Its ears are short and it hangs down near to its cheeks. If the dog flaps its ears or someone pulls its ears to the front, it should reach to cover up its eyes.
It possesses a very thick and kind of bushy tail that looks lovely when it is wagged as well as while it is on hunts with its master. You will also find that it has feather like fur on the underside of its tail.
The entire body of the Golden Retriever dog is covered with denser fur that tapers down to its legs. However, at the leg regions the fur becomes less denser. The underbelly of the dog also has an untrimmed fur coat. The same untrimmed fur coat can also be

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