Personal Narrative: A Place That Once Was Peaceful

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A place That once was peaceful

When I was a young child I had many places that seemed holy or peaceful. My family was almost never got along when I was growing up and they still don’t even today. This place that I speak of is no other then my Grandmas house. Growing up I never saw her much but I do remember the first time that I went there. It was one of those places that you new was vary peaceful and holy from the moment that you walked into the home. When we first arrived to Grandmas house it smelled like fresh baked cookies and gave off a vary warm and fuzzy feeling. It was calming to a child of my young age. My Mother had been having trouble with Grandma for a long time. This was the first time I had been to Grandma’s house. I remember
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We have said some awful things about each other. It changed Grandma. The house where we once found peace and felt safe was now filled with sorrow. It was not because and of the kids or the marriage that Grandma has had for many years. It was because of the bitterness of the kids she had and the way they could never find peace with each other. I still go the Grandmas house from time to time. It still smells of good food and the ball game is always on so that she can cheer on her team. The only catch is the feeling of peace is gone. When you enter the house now all you feel is pain. The years of damage from the family and the absence of us has made Grandmas house no longer feel the same. It makes me feel much sorrow because we were once a happy family we would all show up and have those happy warm moments around the holidays and everything would just make you feel warm inside and your mind would be at ease. Now you can see the pain in Grandmas eyes and It hurts me because I know that there is nothing that I can do or say to make things better they seem to just get worse. Grandma has been ill for some time now and the best gift that I think we could give her is to get along. I don’t like to think about the end much. What I do like to think about is the first time I went to Grandmas house and felt at peace and felt
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