Descriptive Essay On Great America

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Great America Brow furrowed in concentration and anxious about the massive crowds, the ticket collector prepares for the crushing energetic onslaught. The sight of excited park goers, lining up, like a slow, slithering, infinite snake brings a sense of anticipation. Like a curious explorer, I absorb the park map, preparing for my enjoyment of this expansive territory. From a distance, the kaleidoscope of structures, both lure me toward and repel me away from this daunting adventure. Towering high above the low clouds, the roller coasters look like giant pinwheels rotating in the sky. Hearing crunching under my feet, I look down at the confetti of discarded popcorn and candy littering the broad entrance path. The cacophony of people’s screams…show more content…
Relieved, deceleration brings air back into my lungs and I am grateful I did not splatter on the ground below. As my now shaky legs drift off of the ride, my stomach aches with hunger and my throat parches from the dry heat. In a dazed yet adrenalizing state, I wander to the nearest vendor. The stand smells of unnatural still sweet flavors of cotton candy and the greasy, nostalgic smell of buttered popcorn. I moisten my arid lips, for I had finally laid eyes on the Coke machine with its amber nectar of the gods. As I place my order, my words slur into what I believe to be a cohesive sentence. I hastily snatch the food from the vendor, just as a hunter might capture his prey. As I accept the refreshments, I feel the slippery, cold touch of the Coca Cola. The drink chills my scorched hands and revitalizes my throat. The salty, slick popcorn assuages my appetite and enlivens me. As my day at Great America finally comes to a close, I wistfully traverse the exit path. The dazzling scenery of the park becomes lackluster and the faint sounds of giddy screams melt into droning complaints and sighs. Dragging toward the exit, I accept the fact that I must leave. After exiting, I take one last glimpse of the park. A smile emerges on my face, as I think about my next adventure

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