Descriptive Essay On Gym

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Preface What are your fitness views? Is it something you ever think about? Or does the word ‘fitness” ever comes into min? whatever your views or understanding of it may be, fitness is not supposed to be a stressful task. It is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable lifestyle. It should be something you do on a regular basis while enjoying the process of it. Occasionally you may feel the blues of not wanting to go to the gym. It’s okay to not always feeling eager to participate in any physical activities. However, it’s not okay of having the habit of missing more than two days in a row of not doing any physical activities. Majority of the year, you should feel enthusiastic to do something at the gym; any movements for that matter. It doesn’t have to be at the gym or in a control environment. It can be in the park, in the comfort of your home or anywhere that allows you to move. Most of the year, I enjoy going to the gym to improve my physical abilities. Sometimes I create small fitness programs for myself to allow my time at the gym interesting and fun. For the past couple “new years”, I 've been putting myself on a fitness plan I call “One Body Part Per Week”. It 's almost like a new year resolution plan. This plan wasn 't something I was consciously set out to do every year. Surprisingly, it seems at the end of each year, I find myself creating this unconscious fitness decision of training a muscle group for one week. Every week I would focus on one specific muscle group.

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