Gymnastics-Personal Narrative Essay

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Second time's the Charm I stumbled onto the floor squeezing my toes together to get rid of the nerves-as if they were going to go away. I squatted down next to everyone that came to practice early and crammed in the middle of two sparkly grip bags that filled the air with chalk as I sat down. “Are you excited Emily?” Olivia said as I ripped off my sweatpants revealing my burnt orange leotard. “Of course” I pronounced trying not to show the massive fear that was bubbling up inside of me. As I reached down to take off my shoes as state champion Carly Ross strutted into the gym and made her appearance clear. Her matted down velvet black hair tied back into a tight,slick bun to show the rays of intensity raging off her. Her eyes seemed as if they would slife your head off like the Incredible Hulk when he gets mad. A knot rippled through my stomach as I stared at her with despise.Being the previous state champion, everyone started thinking that this was going to be an easy year for her. Although I would love to start warming up, all I could think about was the memory of the excruciating pain that I endured last year…show more content…
It is a plethora of boys and girls bending, twisting, and flipping through the air competing to be the best and giving whatever it takes to win. While it is very fun competing and moving up to get new moves, there are many risks that can happen. Broken bones,concussions,wrist fractures,achilles tears, and swollen muscles are just the beginning and making it through a whole carrier not getting hurt is unheard of. Due to my ankle injury, i’ve been in casts,boots,on crutches and more just to be cleared for the season. As I like to say, regaining strength is just like trying to move a bolder-hard and time consuming. Taking something that you know and having to relearn it is hard work and that’s why this year I am only one day away from beating Carly in the state finals and proving my

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