Descriptive Essay On Haunted City

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LEGOLAND Billund is Denmark’s the most famous and very popular amusement park for families and friends to enjoy together at all ages. With extremely fun experience, speed and action. LEGOLAND is a fantastic world of imaginative family experiences that focus on children a place where you can set your imagination free on land, at sea, or in the air. And there’s always plenty to choose from, no matter whether you prefer action or relaxation. Tivoli Friheden It has several sections with different types of attractions and there are over 40 attractions. Entertainment Pjerrot 's Garden
- Fun and magic!
The ancient Danish famous clown Pjerrot has his own house in Tivoli Friheden. Every day during the season Pjerrot entertains in his garden with fun and magic for the children at young age. In here children can come and meet the cheeky turtle and the famous ghost as known as Kasper. This is the place that families should not miss out especially for a family with have young kids. Rides Haunted House New experience in the horrific world of virus which made people became zombie and you have to fight the epidemic. Moreover, there is the ride with the 3D glasses that you can face the life in place that full of many zombies attacking in the Haunted House

The movie is 3D with the wind whistles beside your ears(4D). Fight against the other people (5D) in film and game experience. This can make you cold every time you step in the haunted house and feel the

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