Descriptive Essay On Haunted House

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Entering the house, we decided to get over our fear of haunted houses; the wooden stairs that lead to the porch were squeaking under our feet, there were cockroaches crawling all over the place, and spider webs around the door. Something caught our attention. There was a writing that stuck out like a sore thumb in the midst of the darkness. Someone placed the writing where the doorbell should have been, and in white letters, it said, “Be careful. Don 't end up like the rest.” Disturbing. We opened the door and the sight shocked us; we were expecting rats and stained walls to welcome us, but an immense entrance hall that was void of any objects greeted us. There was a piano located in the heart of the room with a skull on top and a humongous chandelier that looked sophisticated yet old.…show more content…
If it was not for the moon’s illumination, we wouldn 't have seen the gigantic stairwell and the numerous doors around us because they were in pitch black. Opening one of the doors, we saw a maze of doors and hallways laying before us. After each hallway that we passed through, the place became narrower, the horrendous smell of vomit mixed with other revolting scents got so intense that made us want to gag, and the atmosphere grew colder to the point where our thick jackets were not sufficient enough to warm us up. Out of nowhere, the lights started flickering in a quick pace, like the black and white disco lights, destroying our vision. Quickening our steps, we begin running back to where we came from using the walls as a guide. However, the moment our hands touched the walls, they met with a liquid and slime-like substance. Everything started getting more creepier when this wicked laughing sound echoed through the walls followed by a deep voice that

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