Descriptive Essay On Hawaiian Island

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I am very sorry but I will not be able to visit you in North America for quite sometime, because I will be on the Hawaiian Islands for at least 3 more years. These past 10 months away have been quite enjoyable. There are groves of coconut trees spiraled up and interlaced which looked like concrete pillars. I especially adore the crisp salty sensation in the air and the aquamarine clear ocean which looks like glass. The homes that the Hawaiians live in were simple they are made from dry grass and long thick sticks. During my stay in Hawaii, I have become very tan from the blazing sun which melted my skin. If you saw me today you wouldn’t be able to recognize my face, for I am no longer pale, my skin is a deep shade of bronze. When I first…show more content…
Their clothing only covered up until their waist and half of their body was exposed. First off, we had to create a uniform for them. The uniform was made from western cloth which meant that they would be completely protected and covered. The cloth was thick and the uniforms covered their entire body. I could only imagine how sweltering hot it was in there, it must have felt like they were being cooked alive. Finally, we created a written language for the Hawaiians so they can communicate with us. Since we wanted the Hawaiians to start reading the bible, we first had to learn their language and then create a written language for them. This process was exhausting and difficult. It was like trying to teach a dog how to sit. Once we taught them the alphabet and the different words we wanted them to start reading the bible so they could only believe in God, and transfer their “dark heart” to a heart of the heavens. I truly believe we have accomplished some great things in the past 10 months and I surely hope the Hawaiians can all be converted to Christians. My greatest hope is that we keep escalating and improving, but also that we can greatly impact the hawaiian society for several generations to come. Please write back to me as soon as you can so I can explain some thrilling new
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