Personal Narrative: Horseback Riding

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Prompt: Horseback Riding and how it has shaped me to be the person I am today. As I galloped above Uniform, the new horse I had inherited from my father, I was facing a whole new challenge ahead of me. He was way more energetic than the ones I I had ridden before and obviously had a rough past, as he was very spooky while jumping fences. Having people close to the obstacles or unusual things like the big hat of my coach, would bring dark past memories to him, as he most likely was mistreated while being a foal. I had to be cautious at the beginning as I could not afford him taking control of me so early on. If everything went well I was going to achieve what I, and all equestrians, desire the most: compete and earn a ribbon in the top places.…show more content…
I zipped up my boots and clicked my riding helmet safe. I started warming Uniform in the course with a nice trot and a powerful gallop that made a loud clap as each horseshoe elevated from the soft coarse sand. As I rode, I felt the ground tremble and the wind hitting directly on my already excited face, which was based on the new exciting chapter of my equestrian life. Everything about this first day of training was going perfectly. Sadly though, it all shifted towards another direction when my coach, Cynthia, told me we were going to start jumping fences. Although at the moment I was actually feeling excited about what my coach told me, I didn’t knew that in a matter of minutes, my face and and all of my clothes would be filled with the brown sand of the
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