Descriptive Essay On Horses

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It is my belief that a horse lends its rider wings that the rider doesn’t have. A horse not only helps him fly over physical obstacles but also through difficulties and mental obstacles that blocks his path. Every time I am down in the dumps, I head over to the stables, get on horseback and ride my mental anguish away. Just the wind hitting my face as my horse moves is enough to make me joyful once again. I have been riding horses for almost my entire life. I have been competing in national-level competitions for a long time as well. Competing all these years I have realized that each time in the hours before an equestrian event, I experience a very weird feeling that I otherwise never experience. It is a feeling that is much greater than that of…show more content…
My coach and I had walked through the jumping course twice already. Each time, he explained how every turn had to be made, how many strides had to be put in between two consecutive jumps, when I had to get my spurs on and which jumps my horse would be hesitant to jump over. He also explained to me in great detail, what would happen if I made even one mistake and also how I could rectify this mistake. I was sitting amidst the trees, hiding from my friends and relatives who wanted to wish me that best of luck. This wasn’t because I didn’t want their support but I just wanted to zone out from the world for a while, so that I could just focus on the task at hand, the jumping event. I kept repeating the jumping course in my mind so that I didn’t forget it. My coach had instructed me to mount my horse exactly fifteen minutes before I was scheduled to enter the arena. This was so that I could warm my horse up before my event and get him and I prepared for it. As I was one of the last riders scheduled to enter the riding arena, I could just relax and watch my competitors and friends go through the course. Throughout I cheered them on and hoped that they would do well as
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