Descriptive Essay On Hurricane Island

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I walked along the warm, sandy shore. The sun was out today, bright as ever. To the left of the shore the ocean sparkled like a blue diamond. My treasure was difficult as it had seemed all the seashells had disappeared. I didn’t mind the challenge because Hurricane Island had the most beautiful shells compared to anywhere. A glimmer in the grains caught the corner of my eye. I bent over and reached my hand out to touch the pearly, rigid shell. The necklace I was working on would be completed. My toes wiggled in the sand out of sheer excitement.

Then, in the middle of my bliss, something bumped me, causing me to fall and drop my seashell. Angered, I whipped around and faced the hooligan. The man was quite handsome. He had a tall frame with a muscular build. When he flashed me a smile, his white teeth were bright against his tan, olive skin, and his chocolate brown hair shined in the sun. I was mesmerized, but I hid it to continue with my annoyance.

I put my hand in the air as a gesture to help me up, but he walked right past me. My jaw clenched trying not to yell something nasty at him. Great, my last seashell I needed was buried somewhere. As I got up, a gust of wind whistled through my hair. I shrugged, not thinking much of it. Looking back at that moment I wished I did.

Stomping my feet, I
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“Well, one hundred years ago this was a new island. People were just moving here hoping to start a new life. After everything was built and everyone was settled in there was a huge storm. It wasn’t long before the tropical storm turned into a hurricane. It was the largest hurricane ever to happen anywhere. The whole island washed away. Some came back when the hurricane cleared, but not many. Since then, not a hurricane has happened, and it’s believed the reason for it is because the people that came back here had hope. That’s where hurricane island received its
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