Personal Narrative: My Trip To The City Of Hugely

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Do not be fooled by how fancy the building is. DO NOT. In fact a good rule of thumb is that the fancier the building, the less good the school. What you’re looking for in an architecture school is a place that has chipped paintwork (from carrying oversize models through doorways) and smells slightly of glue. Most people visit prospective schools before applying. I visited six. You talk to the admissions tutor, you visit the studios, you peep into the lecture hall and as you walk back to the car/train station, you ponder whether to go there or not. So what criteria do you use to decide? Facilities This is not as important as you, your parents, or your teachers might think. All you really need is a big room with tables in it and a coffee machine.…show more content…
Architects are inspired by the world around them. Choose a city that you find inspiring and that has a strong creative community. Remember that you will spend your free time in this city — sitting in its parks, drinking in its pubs, absorbing its atmosphere. Location, location, location. Studio Space Next to location, this is the most important of all the criteria. Architecture students spend very little time in lecture halls (yay) so what do they do all day? Well, if you choose a school with good studio space you’ll spend the rest of your time in the studio working on your projects. This is awesome for lots of reasons: Inspire and be inspired — collaborate Spend all day with your friends :) Build your models in school so that they’re easy to transport to pin-ups Hang out close to the supplies shop (and the coffee machine) If you choose a school that doesn’t have a good studio space, you will find that you spend all day sitting in your bedroom alone trying to think of ideas. Eventually, you’ll spend more and more time in the pub and nearly fail your degree… It’s very hard to build a good model on your bedroom floor and even harder to carry it into school without breaking it. Reputation Who are you trying to

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