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Into Thin Air
By Jon Krakauer Into Thin Air is a non-fiction and adventure book that details the disaster that occurred in 1996 at Mount Everest, and it started as a magazine article. The book is a personal account of the author Jon Krakauer, a professional writer and mountaineering hobbyist, who was sent on the Everest expedition by Outside Magazine with the task of writing an article about his experience. In my opinion, people should read Into Thin Air because it is a story about survival, and it teaches readers valuable lessons about character, drive, and perseverance.
The point of view of the book is first-person, and it is narrated by Jon Krakauer. As the narrator, Jon is a reliable source of information since the book is his own personal account of the disaster. The story takes place mainly on Mount Everest, where Jon and his team climbed in 1996. Throughout the struggle up Everest, it is important to note that the characters portrayed in this book are real people. Because they were in this setting, it forced them to make decisions that they could not have made in any other situation. The difficult decisions made by the hikers and the setting influenced the outcome of the story. The organization of Into Thin Air displayed by Jon Krakauer is slightly difficult to follow. Throughout the novel, Jon gives his readers a few peeks into the future, and tells many back stories about the people he meets along the way. While it is nice to know about the real people that we’re reading about, the lengthy back stories hinder the overall plot of the novel.
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I would encourage other readers to read this book because the fact that it is a true story makes it even more
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