Sex Trafficking In Italy Essay

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Italy. When you hear the word you automatically think of a country full of great food, pastas, fashion, gelato, rolling vineyards and the idea of it being one of the most beautiful places you could dream of visiting. In this paper I want to take you to the darker side of this Mediterranean influenced land. For this country has a rich past of bloodshed, betrayal, heart ache, and organized crime. However, before digging up the skeletons of the dark, let us bask in the light for a moment.
Italy, is a boot shaped southern European peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea with bordering countries of France, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Austria. The country flag is red, white, and green. The official language is Italian and like most countries there
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This allowed for the newly freed Mafia members to regain freedom back into society. Some used this opportunity as a way to infiltrate the Italian politics and become politicians. Bringing money laundering opportunities to a bigger scale, so now instead of paying politicians to turn a blind eye or sway votes on laws that benefitted their criminal activity, the crooks now filled those positions and had access to everything they…show more content…
When an organization takes on the risk of human sex trafficking they consider the rational choice theory where the reward is much greater than the risk factor. Sex is a billion dollar industry and these crime groups know it. Taking a victim as a sex slave does not have to include men in suites and a white van. In fact, when victims are selected by these groups look at the economic status of the area the sex victims are coming from and easily lure them into coming with them on the false pretense of a promise of a richer life, happy marriages, education, and a chance to live a successful career filled
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