Descriptive Essay On Italy

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Long before I came to Florence, Italy, I used to dream about visiting Milan. My reasons for wanting to come to Italy were not simply about Milan being one of the major fashion cities of the world; I wanted to study in Italy because it is the birthplace of so many high-end fashion brands. At the time, however, I knew very little about Florence. But after I arrived in Florence, I realized that I still had much to learn, and felt inspired at being confronted with so many things that I had not imagined or seen before.
First, allow me to describe how the Florentine skyline, gelato, and architecture inspired me. When I first arrived in Italy, I was awestruck by the beauty of the Florentine skyline with its myriad of pastel colors. The Piazzale Michelangelo was a breathtaking sight and made the perfect backdrop for the warm feeling of the baroque-style buildings. At that time, I had no idea that the outfit I was wearing had unconsciously been influenced by the skyline before me with its amazing buildings; however, when I think about my fashion choices, my personal style has gradually come to reflect the baroque-style atmosphere. Another source of inspiration has been gelato, which I was surprised to see was ubiquitous throughout Italy. Although an ice cream, the unique colors of gelato have inspired me to mix and match complementary colors, such as yellow and purple, in my fashion. The Florentine architecture, with buildings from the Renaissance to the Baroque, have inspired me
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