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You may think that it is much more necessary to decorate your living room or terrace, but do not forget that the kitchen is the heart of your home. Once your kitchen is good as heaven, then your meals will taste like paradise, for you, another family members, and also your guests.

Therefore, it is important to design the kitchen as good as you can. But, designing kitchen may be a challenging process if you only have 30 m2 house in 60 m2 land. You may think that it is too petite to make perfection in every corner, isn't it? Just say goodbye to celebrity chef's kitchen as you see on television.
But, do not give up too fast, for it is not impossible to make your tiny house kitchen more charming and seems larger, as long as you know the tricks.
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Those are the key to make your tiny house kitchen look fascinating. So, are you ready to perform the DIY tricks on your tiny house kitchen? See how some persons decorate their own micro kitchen and dazzle it into a big, exclusive, and functional kitchen that can feed them with happiness and good food:
1. White and airy by Kiera Kushlan The dark color is good and bold at the same time, but it can not be applied to tiny house kitchen unless you want your kitchen to be more narrow. It is the reason why Kiera Kushlan decorated a-60 square kitchen with bright white as a color majority and put the sink near the windows to create an airy atmosphere.

The existence of flower in a pot is to make the ambiance more sympathetic and friendly. Also, Kushlan stuck the cabinet to the ceiling to optimize the use of the tiny house kitchen, and use wooden-floor to make it look warmer.

Pros: Less stuff and furniture, this tiny house kitchen suits for you who live the life with minimalism concept. You do not have to waste time looking for your cooking equipment since it is so minimalist that you can see all your stuff
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Miller's Long Corner
Some people never think to use this space as a kitchen. Otherwise, Macy Miller decided to make it her tiny house kitchen near sliding 8-bar windows.

As Kushlan's tiny house kitchen design, white color is dominant in Miller's, to give a wide impression for the kitchen built in gooseneck trailer. Yes, you may not believe it but Miller's house is made from a gooseneck trailer and there is no space left for making a large bedroom nor kitchen.

Pros: Miller used floating shelves to put all the kitchen equipment and she mounts the knife to the wall. The advantage is, it did not cost too much, and you can maximize the space by doing this. The space left can be used for another stuff such as refrigerator and oven in this tiny house

Cons: You can build a good DIY minimalist house in a gooseneck trailer and can make it like a modern-contemporary house, but the consequence is, you cannot add spaces there. The tiny house kitchen is so tiny that only maximum 2 persons can be there at the same time. 3. Kitchen on the wheels

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