La Cle Cafe Seoul Analysis

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La Clé Café: A Jazz café in Seoul

On the 5th of June, 2017, I visited a café with a jazz performance named “라끌레 (La Clé)” after my Monday class. La Clé café is located in 95-2 Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul which is nearby Insa-dong or Gyeongbokgung palace. Going to that café, I took the subway from Kwangwoon university station to City Hall. I took the exit 4 and followed the signage going to the Press Center. I took the green bus which was labelled as Bus No. 11, a little bus. After more than five stops, I arrived in Samcheong-dong. From there, I just walked straight ahead and as soon as I’ve seen an intersection, I crossed the street and turned left at the first corner. It was my first time there and the guidelines that I followed from
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It was in an underground and the atmosphere was so chill. The lights were dimmed giving me a feeling that I can rest for a while from all the responsibilities that I have to face from school works to finding a job. There were three people who performed last Monday when I visited it. The pianist who is a girl, the man in the middle playing double bass and the guy who is a drummer. Actually, I am still doubting if the instrument used by the man is cello or double bass but it looks bigger than cello so I guess it’s a double bass. During the performance they played Summer Samba, Isn’t She Lovely, I Mean You, You are the sunshine of my life and a lot more. My most favorite piece from their performance is “What a Wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. I am familiar with this song and they made some revisions with the original one so I think it was unpredictably awesome. The pianist looks like a simple senior university student but her skills were amazing that night. The guy playing the double bass looked so professional and he really is. I like the way he expressed his feelings through having different facial reactions. I could feel his heart while playing his instrument and I think that’s what’s missing within the songs or performances these days – the passion. Also, the man looked so experienced in playing the double bass. He had his iPad as his guide but sometimes he’s not looking at is. It’s like he already memorized the chords of the piece by heart. The drummer guy was not different from the others. The first time I saw him, he was just using his drumsticks. Later on, he used a different instruments such as the brush-like and other tools in order to make the sound more magical. The three of them were amazing but it’s too bad I wasn’t able to get their names. Their names where mentioned but since all of them were Korean, I wasn’t able to take it down for
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