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Helicopter tour to Lake Kuril is one of the most popular summer destinations. It is available to people of all ages with any physical conditioning. Here, you will see a lot of bears fishing and paying no attention to tourists.
There are daily tours from July to September that last for 6-7 hours.
Helicopter tour to Lake Kuril
Flight by the helicopter MI-8 to the Ozerniy cordon, located on the shore of a picturesque lake is awaiting you. Walking excursion to the scientific station to record sockeye migration, observe the bears fishing from the viewing point, which stretches across the entire Ozernaya River (duration 1 hour 30 minutes) are included.
Located in the south of the Kamchatka between the Ilyinsky volcano and the Kambalnaya mud volcano, Lake
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From April till October, sockeye salmon spawns on the lake. A huge amount of fish reaches six million pieces, and this is the main event of the season for local bears. It is interesting that animals chose the place for fishing based on their gender: females with young animals stay mainly at the mouth of the river, and males go higher, where the current is narrower.
The flight lasts 15 minutes.
Crater Lake of the volcano Ksudach
Flight to the volcano Ksudach and landing in the caldera. Walking tour on the shore of the hot Lake Kluchevoye.
The volcano Ksudach in the South Kamchatka attracts attention with the stunning beauty of the caldera. The volcano itself is not very large, it is just above a thousand meters, but the caldera crowning it is extensive and consists of smaller formations of different ages. This is a complex volcanic massif with several cones, among which the Stubel cone, which is located in the north, is the most active now. There is a beautiful lake with vertically mountain walls around. And there are many fumaroles here.
Active thermal activity, hot water and steam outlets in combination with the mountain scenery create an unforgettable

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