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Chocolate Lasagna

For all those chocolate lovers out there, that are looking for a light chocolaty treat, the Lasagna chocolate is a perfect choice. The lasagna chocolate is a dessert that no one would want, ever to miss!

A friend told me few days back about his most loved desserts of all time, and ranked this fabulous Chocolate Lasagna very higher thus, i thought this is the dessert worth sharing with all of you . After simply taking a gander at the tons of goodness it offers, you can really be in love with this dessert!

Beginning with the crust that comprises of crushed Oreos blended with some butter, you would love to utilize the regular Oreos vs double stuff assortment, and you would require every single of the 36 cookies which also
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As soon as the instant pudding starts thickeneing up a bit, it must be spread over the white layer. Tasty & Yummy. Now, let it rest for around 5 mins before proceeding to the next step.

Lasagna Chocolate 5

The last layer is essentially a little cooler Whip which you 'll spread over the top of the cake. Since this is Lasagna Chocolate, I thought I would toss in slightly extra chocolate to finish Chocolate Lasagna’s experience, thus what I did is that, I sprinkled a cluster of smaller chocolate chips on top of the cake. And belive me it was an ideal addition to the Chocolate Lasagna.

In case you know anout the Lasagna chocolate that used to be served in Olive Garden, this one is in no way like it. The layers they had were more like cake while Our Chocolate Lasagna is very light with soft pudding layers, and the Cool Whip having a little cream has perfectly blended cheese.

We truly cherished this Chocolate Lasagna. Each layer complimented the following another just impeccably! Also, it makes a major 9 x 13 inch sized pan, thus you do not have to worry for the quantity as well. Goodness, and did I forgot to say that this is a nobake teat as well? This perfectly fantastic treat also gives the independence of not requiring an oven os do Enjoy and start preparing
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